This site is a depository for materials that elucidate the life and work of Pang Tzu Mow (毛邦初; also transcribed as Pang Tsu Mow, Pong Tsu Mow, Pang Chu Mow or Mao Bangchu), who rose to the rank of Lt. General in the National Chinese Airforce in the mid fourties. An attempt is made to provide a comprehensive library of all material ever printed, photographed, or otherwise released in connection with Pang Tzu Mow. Some have described the General as a "brave patriot" while others viewed him as an "audacious crook". Reading through all materials presented here, you can make up your own mind. Please feel free to comment or add your own material in the guest section of this webpage.


Chinese General P.T. Mow and British Marshall Willock. (Photo by George Skadding, October 1944)